HDPE Division - Narrow Mouth

Narrow Mouth (liquid filling)

Organic provides wide range of narrow mouth (liquid filling) containers ranging from 10ltr to 235ltrs

Organic Products are being used in

  • 1. Lube Industry
  • 2. Chemical Industry
  • 3. Pharma Industry

The Company Provides Food Grade Certificate to its Customers And Provides UN certification for Export Drums

Narrow Mouth

200, 210 & 235ltr HMHDE Barrels

Organic Manufactured Barrels Are one of most cost effective and easy handling Barrels Replacing Metal Barrels

Advantage over Metal Barrels

*In todays cost conscious market HMHDPE barrels are superior in cost *Handling of HMHDPE barrels are Much easier than Metal Barrels

Organic Barrels are UN certified and are manufactured as per IS: 6312 standard

Manufactured in food grade raw material

  • XL-rings for better handling
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Manufactured in MOOG parrison control providing uniform wall thickness
  • Dust free barrels
  • Excellent drop impact and stack load ability
  • Suitable for Export

Light Test

All the barrels passes through the light test which is placed on a platform inorder to check "L" ring formation at top and bottom as well as wall thickness uniformity.

Post Cooling Section

All the Barrels are instantly cooled with cold air for 120 secs, this reduces shrinkage in the polymer resulting in better strength to the barrel and uniform wall thickness



PLC control

We produce our Barrel with PLC controlled extrusion blow molding process having 200 POINTS MOOG PARISON CONTROL which gives desired distribution of wall thickness required for the Barrel, Which results into the best strength to the top & bottom "L" rings

Vaccum Test

All our barrels cleaned thoroughly inside through VACUUM CLEANER to avoid presence of any foreign particles in barrels.